Meet the Digital Indigenous Democracy.

    Funded by the Canada Media Fund Expiramental Stream, Nanavut Independent Television, Municipality of Igloolik, Elders and Youth (CLEY) and others, this online Community Radio is “The first step in DID’s pilot project, Angiqatigingniq Deciding Together, to adapt today’s media communication tools to the traditional Inuit skill of listening respectfully to different points of view…”.

    Using the power of new media, including video, file sharing, and online radio, the Digital Indigenous Democracy project harnesses the voices of Inuit communities resulting in clicks, eyeballs, awareness of issues, and ultimately a bigger role when dealing with corporate interests or government agencies.

    Now, take a LISTEN!

    Learn more about their good work and innovative use of social technology at www.isuma.tv/DID

    (photo of Inuit filmmaker and DID team member, Zacharius Kunuk)

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